Monday, August 1, 2011

Wrapping paper

First post! Hopefully someone will read this blog in time...

My first post is about the wonders of wrapping paper. I know in my university, you can't put tacks into the wall because they're all made of cement. That leaves an awfully drab white wall with hardly any sense of design at all. Wall decals are always a great idea to put up onto walls like this because they come off easily, but the best ones are usually pretty expensive. The cheapest ones are the kind you can buy at target, but those are pretty small and don't really help all that much.

So here's my first suggestion as to how to totally transform your dorm's walls:

Pick some fun wrapping paper and start putting it up on your walls like wallpaper. You don't have to cover everything, maybe take a long strip about 3/4 up on the wall just to put some color into your life. As you can see, just one stripe of color can make a huge impact on the entire feel of the room. Just be careful when you do this project that you make your lines completely straight or else it will look a little too home made. 

Another option? Try making irregular rectangle squares with a few different patterned wrapping papers with similar color schemes and putting them up in an abstract way. Just because you can't put nails in the wall doesn't mean you can't create your own look like this using wall putty or some sort of double-sided tape!

they do this with fabric, but if you fold over the edges you can have the same sort of look with wrapping paper.

Well That's it for tonight! More on its way soon...

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